Telos Language Services - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - language courses and tuition: Polish, Russian, English; sworn and certified translations
If you want to improve your knowledge of POLISH or RUSSIAN, or to prepare yourself for a a business meeting or a journey to either Poland or Russia, or if you want to explore the great worlds of literature and read such masters as Mickiewicz, Sienkiewicz, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy in the original – we will help you achieve the goal quickly and effectively.

We also offer ENGLISH language classes for native speakers of Polish, Russian and other languages.

All the courses are organized and delivered by Dr Christopher Martowicz (Ph.D. from the School of Modern Languages, St Andrews Univeristy), who has professional teaching background and over 10 years of experience in delivering individual, group and university courses.

Our offer:

  • tailor-made language courses and lessons for private clients, groups and businesses
  • lessons based on active participation of students - theory and practice with lots of examples and exercises
  • teaching at all levels of language proficiency - from absolute beginners to advanced learners
  • wide range of learning materials provided (audio and video recordings, computer programs, electronic and printed materials)
  • assessments and detailed progress reports (with recommendations) on your request
  • flexible time arrangements (including evenings and weekends)
  • flexible place arrangements (including home-based and office-based classes)


*Price per person

Note: discounts available on two and more lessons a week.