Telos Language Services - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - language courses and tuition: Polish, Russian, English; sworn and certified translations

We offer sworn and basic certified translations of documents (marriage certificates, birth certificates, insurance policies, diplomas, etc.) and translations of other texts such as correspondence (including emails), brochures, leaflets, websites, health and safety manuals, handbooks, articles, guides etc. into Polish, English and Russian.

There is no need for you to submit your document or text in person - you can simply email it to us.

We usually prepare translations of standard documents within 1-2 days.


We also offer interpreting services in Polish, English and Russian in a variety of situations: conferences, business meetings, negotiations and various everyday situations.

Interpreting services need to be booked at least a week in advance.



  1. You send a good quality scan or a photo of your document to and provide your phone number (alternatively: bring the document to our Edinburgh-based office).

  2. We call you or email you with a quote. Once you accept it, we prepare the translation for the agreed date (translations of standard documents - birth certificates, marriage certificates, university diplomas etc. are usually ready within 1-2 days).

  3. We send you the completed translation along with the invoice to the postal address you provided (upon request we can also send you a scan of the translation).

  4. You pay for the service via bank transfer (account details are given on the invoice attached to the translation). If you are wish to collect the translation in person we will ask you to pay by cash.


  • standard-length one sided documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, diploma, insurance policies etc.): from £25.00

  • translations of longer documents (diploma supplements, books of university credits, agreements etc.: £60.00 - £90.00 on average (prices agreed on individually depending on the length of the translated text)

  • translations of everyday texts (CVs, letters of reference, business plans, correspondence, leaflets, websites, hand books, papers, manuals, guides etc.): from £0.08 per word

  • interpreting services: £35 per hour