polish for partners

If you are in a relationship with a Polish native speaker and would like to confidently converse in Polish with your partner, her/his family, or your Polish friends, we have the course designed just for you!

Here at Telos we understand that learning Polish with limited grammar knowledge and not much time to spare can be very difficult, even if you are eager to learn and your Polish partner tries to help.

Your partner will be impressed with your new phrases and so will be his/her Polish relatives when they hear you go beyond ‘Dziękuję!’, ‘Co słychać?’ or ‘Mój polski jest słaby!’

So here is what we offer:

  • 10 weeks of classes (one 90 min session a week)
  • learning vocabulary and grammar through everyday topics, such as free-time activities, food, house work (you will actually be able to use your new skills straight away!)
  • no boring grammar drills
  • lots of in-class exercises to encourage speaking
  • experienced university teacher and course organizer - Dr Christopher Martowicz
  • friendly atmosphere in small group of up to 10 students
  • information on Polish culture, food, traditions and history
  • in addition we will give you many useful language and culture-related tips (including tips on how to safely joke with your Polish father-in-law, and convincingly praise your mother-in-law's food!)

Note: if you miss a lesson or two, we will send you the handouts and the most important notes from the missed sessions to your email address.

If you are interested to learn more about the course get in touch with us: chris@teloslanguages.co.uk or c.martowicz@gmail.com.

For those interested in individual learning we also offer one-to-one lessons. Please contact us for details.



Beginners course
Start date: 19 April 2018 (Thursday) at 6:30 pm
Location: The Caledonian School of English, 7 Torphichen St, Edinburgh, EH3 8HX
Duration: 10 weeks, one 1.5 hour session a week
Price: £180

The number of places is limited so call us or email now to secure your place!

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